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Global Accounts Plus (GAP)

All Performance Club members have access to our online financial accounts comparison tool. This not only provides the full dataset from the financial accounts for FY16/17, but also the historic data from FY15/16. We will be the first to release FY17/18 Global Accounts. This information covers the top 150 Registered Providers and 40 ALMOS in England and Wales. We release this annual data and business intelligence 4 months before Homes England Global Accounts are publicised, ensuring members have all the necessary information when it matters.

This interactive web-based tool allows for data interrogation and reporting across a range of different business segments, enabling members to make true financial comparisons with peer organisations in the areas in which they are most interested. Users therefore filter this strategic data in the most convenient and useful way dependent on their business needs. This may be by region, peer group, unit size or other criteria. Our members have told us that this is really helpful for Board Reporting, examining the VFM Metrics and business planning.

Members can also create their own online dashboard of reports, allowing them to tailor the tool to their needs. In this way, members capitalise on the data we have collected along with our 18+ years of sector expertise.

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